The 5 Rules Of Hygge

Realistically there are no rules to hygge. It can be practiced in many ways depending on your individual character. But these are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can have the best possible hygge experience.

Think of yourself as a team member

If you are hygge-ing with friends or family remember you are doing it as a unit. Everyone should contribute something, without being asked, to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.
This applies to anything from simply chatting and conversing to preparing a meal. Participating makes the whole team flow better and no one is left to do all the work. When you work as a team preparing, serving, cleaning, talking and listening then hygge is happening.

Be yourself

Come as you are. Let loose and let your guard down. Hygge is about embracing life as it is and enjoying the simple things. If you are trying to compete or boast about your achievements, you aren’t hygge-ing. No one will judge you for being yourself so relax and enjoy life as you are.

Forget the drama

Forget any drama that is going on in your life, conflicts or problems. Focus on the moment you are in and you will feel a million times more relaxed. There is plenty more time in everyday life to argue and disagree but when you are hygge-ing is not the time. It is about enjoying good company, great food and conflict free conversation. Don’t get caught up in any drama that can distract you from that. This includes judging, complaining or negativity.

Leave stress and worries at the door

Hygge time is about temporarily escaping your everyday life, from work emails to networking and even materialism. It is a time to relax and open your heart to the simple things in life. Any problems or stress you are experience can be left outside. They may be waiting for you outside the hygge door, but making time to forget them helps you feel relaxed and de-stressed which may make facing them easier.


Remember time is limited

It’s not often you can get everyone around for a night and hygge, so enjoy it while you can. It is always nice to share drama-free moments with your family and friends. If you acknowledge that the time with the ones you care about is limited, you’ll enjoy it even more. So, try to appreciate the time you have to hygge with loved ones.

Stay Cosy

Mark Nicholson

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