Hygge At Work

When you think of being cosy and in the moment, your place of work is probably the last place that comes to mind. But the great thing about hygge is you can bring hygge with you wherever you go, including work.

So how do you make your office more hygge?

Make the most of breaks

Make the most of your breaks and lunch. Don’t just sit at your desk eating the salad you prepared last night. Wrap up in a cozy scarf and hat and head outside. Hygge isn’t all about being inside, embracing the outdoors and nature is practicing hygge too. Pick up a hot drink and find a bench to sit on and watch the world go by for a few minutes. Go for a walk in a nearby park or read a book in a warm and inviting coffee shop.

Hygge: A Celebration of Simple Pleasures. Living the Danish Way is a great book to learn more about the art of hygge while drinking a hot coffee.


If possible change the lighting in your office. Harsh lighting isn’t very cosy so if you can, invest in a lamp with warm lighting. Orange tones are ideal for the cosy effect. If your office allows, it have a stash of candles in your desk drawer that you can put on your desk.

Layer up

Keep some extra layers with you in the office. Being cold isn’t cosy at all. Keep a spare jumper or scarf in the office for when you start to feel chilly. An oversized jumper would be ideal or the closest thing you can get to snuggling into a fluffy blanket will do.

Take Breaks

Take breaks. If you don’t stop and let your brain rest every now and then you will only become stressed. So, remember to take breaks, even if it is only to make a cup of coffee or tea. Keep your favourite mug and favourite coffee in your drawer and make sure you use them.

Personalize your desk

Make your desk your own. Hygge is about enjoying the space around you, so transform your desk into your own little space which relaxes you. Placing fairy lights around your desk will instantly make it more inviting. Decorate your desk with pictures of your family or even your pet. Bring items that will allow you to take time out every now and appreciate what you have.

Bond with colleagues

Bond with your workmates. Remember hygge is about appreciating what you have and the people around you. Whether you offer to make everyone a cup of coffee, go on a lunch date, or bring in some home baked goods to share around, you are spreading the love and making your work environment more friendly.

Listen to music

Make a playlist with relaxing music. Music can lift any mood instantly. So, if you’re feeling low on energy, put on your playlist and forget about everything for a few minutes. Try to choose songs which conjure feelings of warmth.

The important thing is find happiness at work in any way you can by making your environment better suited to feeling relaxed and cosy.

Stay Cosy

Mark Nicholson

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