How to Make Your Home More Hygge

With all the demands of daily life, working, shopping, caring for family and keeping connected, the need to sit back, relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures has never been needed more. Although, rising stress levels are spreading across the globe, the Danes seem to have it all under control.

Their established sense of calm, has as we mentioned placed them at the top of the world happiness polls for years.

As it’s likely that you’ll spend most of your time practicing hygge in your home, it’s important for you home to be hygge friendly.

Here are some simple ideas that will spread hygge warmth over your home.


Keep stocked up on candles. Denmark, along with other Scandinavian countries are the biggest consumers of candles. They have been embracing the cosy effect of a warm glowing candle for years. Candles can transform any room into a cosy cave away from the harsh winds and snow that come along with winter.

There is even a Danish brand Skandinavisk, who have developed a candle especially for hygge. Of course, any old candle will have the same effect. You’ll instantly feel less stressed once you replace electric lighting with the warm glow of a flickering candle flame.

Cosy Lounge Wear

Invest in some cosy lounge wear. You’re not hygge-ing properly in a pair of tight jeans or a business suit. Hygge is all about being comfortable and cozy, so invest in some comfortable clothes that you can fully relax in. Fluffy socks are a mandatory! Your lounge wear can be as luxurious and cosy as you wish. What matters is that you feel snug and relaxed.


Add some texture to your home. Having a cold dull room isn’t hygge friendly. Try adding luscious textures like chunky cushions, a fluffy rug and blankets made from cozy materials that you can snuggle into while reading a book or relaxing by the fire with a hot chocolate. Can you picture anything more hygge?


Music is a great way to add atmosphere to your home. Invest in a good sound system or speaker and create playlists to suit different events happening in your home. Have a playlist ready that works when friends and family arrive for dinner, a playlist that relaxes you while you’re reading by the fire and even a playlist for when you baking or crafting on Sunday morning.

Be welcoming

Always ask your guests if they want a drink or food, upon entering your home. This is a way of firstly, showing you care and makes your home warm and inviting. You might even have a cupboard especially for guests drinks and snacks.

When your guests arrive, let them help you prepare a cheese board, or set the table. After the meal, when they offer to help you in the kitchen or to clean up after a meal accept their help. A true hygge home says yes when help is offered. There are no formalities between guests and host. Danish people always have a sense of community and sharing that breaks down these barriers.

Calm Space

Make your home a space where you don’t rush. In our hectic lives, we are always rushing to or from some place or another. To embrace hygge you need to slow down. Take the time to enjoy the moment you are in whether that be drinking a cup of coffee on your break or savouring that muffin you are eating. Simply enjoy the moment.

If you are looking for some more inspiration on how to make your home more hygge check out the following books.

Goodbye Clutter Hello Freedom by Lena Bentsen

Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness by Marie Tourell Soderberg

Stay Cosy

Mark Nicholson

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