5 Ways to Hygge You Never Would Of Thought About

Yes, hygge is about cosiness, but it goes deeper than that. In fact, there are ways to hygge that you probably didn’t even know about. While hygge is best shared with a group of people you can also hygge on your own and can even with your dog or cat if you want.

You can hygge inside and outside, during the day or at night.

Here are some alternative ways to hygge, that don’t involve snuggling up by the fire with a nice book and cup of tea.

Start a new tradition

Traditions are a way to foster that social connection. Start a new tradition with family or friends. It can be anything from inviting them over for a board game night once a month to everybody meeting up to see the 5th of November fireworks once a year. If it is bringing you and your friends or family together to create memories, it doesn’t matter what it is you are doing.

Hygge at work

You may not think you can hygge at work but you would be wrong. You can hygge anywhere you want. Maybe hygge is the secret to getting through a week of work without pulling your hair out. Who knows but why not give it a try and find out! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in a nearby cafe on your break or take a walk through the park, this is all hygge. Just make sure you are living in the moment and embracing it.

Go Camping

Although sleeping in a tent in the cold may not seem too appealing right now it’s not as bad as it sounds. Camping is a great way of creating a sense closeness and connection with your friends or family. Light a campfire and roast some marshmallows, tell stories and just enjoy being out in nature disconnected from the stress of everyday life. If this doesn’t appeal to you try glamping it has the same effect but with a few added luxuries.

Try Some New Crafts

Once again invite some close people over and try doing some new and fun crafts together. Plan a crafting afternoon. This would be perfect coming into the long winter nights. Try to create a relaxing environment, maybe try adding some wine into the equation to make thing interesting. Most importantly just have fun spending time with the ones you care about.

Spice Up Your Exercise Routine

Instead of making your way to the cold dull gym in the afternoons why not try do exercise at home with gentle lighting. Try yoga or Pilates in the winter months. Or if you can’t go without a daily walk or jog try having something warm food or drink waiting for you when you get home like a nice bowl of stew or warm cup of tea.

If you want to find out some more ways to Hygge and how Danish people do it, check out How To Hygge: The Secret of Nordic Living by Signe Johansen

Stay Cosy

Mark Nicholson

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